April Showers Contest


April Showers Contest at Sunrise Sports Gentlemen’s Club

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April 13, 2024

Contest Rules
The top 3 earners of the night will face the Decibel Meter Sound Level Reader.

the 1st. $1000 prize, 2nd $500 and 3rd $250.

We will crown the winner at the end of the event after an official tally is made. There are no refunds, but contestants may sell
their tickets and inform the contest administrators of the change to add the new contestant to the list. There is a margin of error when we receive the final tally.
The Sunrise and P2P are not responsible for money that was marked by the contestant. This means that if you have a friend throwing a certain amount of money and it comes back short, we can’t account for that because, at that point, the contestant was strategically adding to their set to win the contest.
In the NJ gogo bar, nudity is prohibited. Please keep your tops and bottoms on. All contestants will be contacted if there are any venue rules that have not been covered. All stage money belongs to the contestant $50 Registration Contestants are responsible for bringing their music on a flash drive labeled with their name in mp3 format. Please note that we are not responsible if the music does not play. Additionally, if you don’t have the music, you can ask the DJ to pull the song. Waivers will be handed out on the day of the event and must be signed before touching the stage. This is a timed event, so please note the event’s start time, and make sure that your guests purchase tickets, as door tickets are not guaranteed.

Contestant Registration Link: https://buy.stripe.com/bIY027b0G1jXeByfZ2


For all those that want to attend!!!!

Cost $50 includes a Buffet Dinner Beef Steak and Shrimp Cocktail

Welcome to the 1st April Showers Pole & Aerial Contest! Get ready for an electrifying experience at Sunrise Go Go on 556 Straight Street, Paterson, NJ. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite entertainer or simply joining us for an unforgettable show, we’ve got a night packed with excitement!
Ticket holders are in for a treat with a live show that promises to dazzle and entertain. Indulge in the culinary delights we have in store, featuring mouth-watering steak and delightful Shrimp Cocktail. It’s a night of thrills, flavors, and incredible performances that you won’t want to miss!

Please note: All sales are final, and while we’re confident you’ll have an amazing time, there are no refunds. Secure your tickets now for an evening of pole and aerial prowess, delicious treats, and non-stop entertainment!

Buy tickets to the show Link: https://buy.stripe.com/7sIcOT4Ci7Il2SQ4gj